HMI Controls for WPF: Gauge

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Most of times the Gauge indicator is used in HMI projects to visualize Speed - Pressure - Temperatures and so on.
I also prefere using Gause against other tipes of controls such as thermometers, bar graph and others, becuase the measure it's clear and the minimum, maximum and alarm threshold are evidents.
In WPF there are 2 kind of free gauges with free source code:

this is a free gauge that has no animations (and it can be good ) but it's under the LGPL license, so this means that the code using this gauge must be GPL - licensed.

This one is the one that i prefere. It's BSD License (so you can use it basically everywhere) and it is for both Silverlight and WPF.
It's not autosizing and that's a pity, and to dimension it you have to play with some controls.
But anyway it's a great control with a threshold indicator and easy parameters to play around.
It's easy to change colors and sizes of scale and numbers, so it can become a manomether, a thermometer and a tachimeter depending on what application you are working on.

The project can be downloaded from the original site or here:


Robin said...


I really like the BSD licensed gauges. The problem is that im missing CircularGauge.dll. Any idea on where i can get this?

Best regards.

Anonymous said...

When you compile a user control library, you can find the .dll under the Bin folder inside the project folder.
There should be release and debug version, depending in what mode you compiled it.

Robin said...

Thank you!

I got it.

Best regards